Behind the Words

Hi, I am Ilana. My real name isn’t Ilana, but this is how it is going to work online. I am currently unemployed (and broke) and single. I may be this way but I am highly confident that I will be able to land a good job. I have three siblings, one of whom already has a family of his own, with two adorable kids. They are adorable most of the time anyway.

I live in a quiet neighbourhood where people don’t always know each other. I don’t know my next door neighbour but I can tell you about the story of one living five, ten houses away.

I like reading books and long, warm conversations with friends, the beach and the sky. I wanted to be a photographer but it was too expensive to buy a high end camera.

I like apples and bananas, oatmeal with cinnamon and honey, lemon juice and hot coffee in the morning.

I like to sit back and let the world go by sometimes.

I like to work, especially with foreign exchange students who want to learn English.

I like children, big or small, naughty or nice, boy or girl, black or white, cute and not so-cute. What is so nice about kids is how they relate to adults, as they can be very transparent with what and how they feel and that they can appreciate the smallest acts of kindness. I like them even as they forget to pick their own trash, talk back to their teachers, pretend to listen to a lesson, leave without saying good bye.