Choose LOVE instead :)

“Love instead”

Loving is never selfish. How do you define your story? Is it happy? Sad? Just Hanging by? Some couples do end for reasons like they are not happy anymore, not feeling appreciated, fight terribly and mostly argue out of petty reasons and later on regret the outcome.

Infidelity is also a reason. The dictionary would say, the word means ” the act of having an affair (sexually) to a person not your partner or regular sexual partner.” Some say, trust, once ruined and lost, you can never take back. To a cracked glass, you can never use it again. You can, but you will always be cautious and always unsure of what’s going to happen, will it break or not? I say whenever this fear or something like this happens to you, leave instead.

You can never respect a person or much, live with them if you can’t trust them anymore. Things will just get worst, you can even hinder yourself from feeling the happiness you both deserve.

Marriage is beautiful only if you can exert 100% on it. I say, giving it all and never expecting something in return. Valuing all the things you have been through and keeping the bond strong by letting go of the thing that hurts you. Having children is another story, believe me. Children can strengthen the tie, but it’s always up to the both of you if you can work it out or not.

Cathy was a strong woman, smart and independent until she fell inlove. People say, you get stupid when you love. The sad part of her story is that, the man she fell for can’t marry her. The guy is never married, but a part of a different religion. The family of the guy of course, didn’t like her. (They think she is low for her religion,)

Their love is strong. They decided to get away, move to a city. They had 4 kids and living happy, until one day, Cathy got sick and felt so weak. The doctor says, she only have 30 days or less to live. Francis, the guy, felt devastated hearing that news, he decided to do something for Cathy.

One morning, Cathy woke up with flowers and balloons all over, she went outside to see her husband and kids but when she opened her door, she saw a priest and all of the guy and her relatives. Francis, surprised her with a wedding. So a wedding happened, and I can still remember Cathy’s vows then, “Francis, thank you for the love you are giving. I never would want to live another fairytale but ours. I know soon I will leave, but I will depart with a happy and contented heart, for I had the courage to fight for us and believe in you.” Francis vows made me cry: “To my Queen, the joy in my heart, I promise not to replace you in my life whatever happens. I will always dig all our memories together, the times we fight, the moments you’ve laugh. I will hold all those here, for whatever happened, we are still together and you deserve all the love I could give you. Together, we will hold hands until the end.”

This story especially dedicated to Edgar of Edgar’s Landscaping Company in Knoxville!