How to Live a CLUTTER-FREE Life (Or at Least Your Table)

I’ve been there before (and still am): looking for my house keys, rummaging through my chaotic shelf, until I remember that they were already in my bag. Or maybe, opening my closet and not being able to find anything to pair up my cute black formal slacks because I cannot find my cute white camisole (at least not without digging with a ten foot shovel–it’s a jungle out there!).

I am going to face it, folks: I am no pig but I am no Martha Steward either. However, I have learned a few tricks on my sleeve. It comes with living with siblings, both of whom have no problem coming home to a dresser that looks more like insides of a drawer. I love them, but they can be slobs.

Here’s how I managed to pull it all together:

Relax. I do deep breathing sometimes, because I learned that I cannot control a lot of things in my life, only my reactions. Got a difficult person on work? I have a choice whether he or she will ruin my day or not. I choose not to. So I choose to pick the important things and chill.

Compartmentalize. I am not referring to people. Well, it’s not really advisable to categorize people. What I am getting at is for stuff. Decide which goes where. I place my keys on my bag often, so I won’t have to look for it, but other from that, I usually put them in a shelf, along with my purse and glasses. I pile up my clothes into casual, formal, and for home wear. If I get creative, I can spike this up with more piles for jeans and other clothes that don’t need special handling. I usually put up my dresses, jackets, delicate blouses and whatnot in hangers. Sounds doable? Well, then do it!

Throw away the trash. Every year, I do a spring cleaning and toss out the damaged things (such as dead headphones, magnets that don’t stick and pens that don’t write anymore). It frees up a lot of space and I feel great after. Nothing like taking out the trash!

Say goodbye. Every year I also give away some of my clothes, usually to the garbage guys. They were almost always very polite about it, too. The other year, I donated (gulp!) some of my books to the local public library. It gives the warm tingles to remember how the guys behind the desk were beaming.

Prepare the night before. I prepare my going out of the house clothes the night before, even my undies. I need to do this because I often struggle with which outfit goes with which, even if it’s just for going to the supermarket to buy groceries. While I am aware that I am no beauty (as the society dictates beauty), I am always careful with what I wear.

Clear out your table every end of the day. I’ve managed to learn this only very recently. It generally works, too. Doing this would free up a lot of stuff, with the accompanying sorting of priorities for the next day. Of course, if and when I do this, I generally look forward to a very clean table indeed.

Leave some. I tend to avoid cleaning after other people’s messes. The idea is that if I do it all the time, it tends to be dirty again pretty fast. Add this to the fact that the person won’t learn anything in return.

Pray. It stops the unnecessary words coming out of my mouth as well as stopping me from doing crazy things. Trust me, it works as good for the times when you feel like screaming in the middle of a meeting in the boardroom. Nothing like calling on a rock higher than I.

I have managed to live by this every day. If you have any additional tips, let me know. Show some love and comment below! God bless your day!